Are you working really hard and doing everything “right’? But still not getting where you want to be? Then this email is for you!

Are you frustrated?

You may be doing everything just right but it’s stuff you are already good at-

  • leg day-you smash it every time
  • core work-planks are so yesterday
  • morning smoothie-every day, it’s the way I start the day

But what are you missing? The things you need to improve and work on:

  • dinner-never know what to eat, or I’m so hungry I overeat
  • weekends-best time to reward myself
  • snacks-love my granola bars or donuts or you fill in the blank
  • not sleeping well

This is where we need to change our mindset and start working on the things that are out of our comfort zone. Connecting the dots and making it a lifestyle change, not just a change for a few weeks or days and in just one area of our life.

This may mean we need to work on things that we don’t normally do:

  • upper body work-push ups
  • better snack options
  • portion control
  • weekend indulgences lessened to one or two meals
  • figuring out why your sleep is not good

Ask yourself what is more important?

  • Reaching my goals?
  • Doing what I like and being frustrated that I’m not happy with myself?

Why not try bringing your goals to life with small day-to-day habits? Look at your entire lifestyle and start to get the results you want!

Realize that if you want to stop the yo-yo dieting and punishing workout sprees, you need to take a big-picture view and upgrade everything in a way that works with your life and schedule.

  The bottom line? Once we realize that it is a “lifestyle thing” vs. a “diet” or “exercise thing” –- and that it all works together — we are able to explode our results (and stop wasting time).
What dots can YOU connect to get you those results you’ve been working so hard for?

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