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I created Bowenwork Fitness to help you set and reach your goals for total body fitness. How do I do this?  With 4 facets.   

1. Professional Fitness Training- I match various exercises to your needs and goals 

2. Nutrition Counseling- I help you to find the foods that work best for you 

3. Bowenwork Therapy- Whole body therapy to help with pain management and improve quality of life at any age 

4. BEMER- Sessions to improve micro-circulation in the body 

If you have a specific question or need I am here for you!
My focus is to help you! 

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Body in Balance 12-week Program

My Flagship Program 

Do you feel like your life is out of balance? Need more sleep? Can’t seem to shake the extra pounds that have crept on? Come join me and bring your life back into balance by choosing the right foods, the right types of movements and daily habits. And do this without spending hours in the gym or kitchen.

Body in Balance

Why Me?

Hi! I am Mollie. Why should you choose me as your professional fitness trainer?  Why do you need a personal trainer? 

I want to share what I have learned with you.  I have been exercising for as long as I can remember. I have taught classes for over 25 years. My initial certification as a Personal Trainer through AFAA was in 2000. Since then, I have added numerous other certifications including Group Fitness Trainer from AFAA in 2017. 

In 2000 I started learning Bowenwork because of my great interest in the body, how it works, and helping people move better. This hands-on bodywork helps the muscles, tendons, ligaments, and fascia throughout the body. My initial intention with learning this modality was to help my mother who had Parkinson’s. Bowenwork helped her stay more flexible as the disease progressed. 

In 2019, I became certified as a Nutrition Counselor with NASM and the Biomechanics Method of Corrective Exercise. 

2021 included a 10 month Functional Nutrition Course to better learn how to use food to help your body feel better. 

All of this adds to how I can help you set and meet your goals to feel and move better. 

Come join me!

A Fitness Trainer You Can Trust

Using over 25 years of experience teaching on 5 continents, I craft you a custom fitness program that includes cardio, strength, mobility, flexibility, and balance work.  This includes corrective exercises.  All of this and more is available on my app for your smart phone or tablet. 

My goal is to help you move and feel better.  Yes, to obtain function in motion. 

Ready, Set, GO! Let’s work together!

Mollie doing stretches

Nutrition Counseling Made Easy

I use Functional nutrition counseling to examine how food affects your body and how we can use food to help your body feel better. 

Ready to have food work for you?

Let’s work together!

Healthy and Fresh Food
Man Sitting while undergoing BEMER treatment
Bemer Group Logo

I use a BEMER session to provide a non-invasive, safe and effective therapy to improve micro-circulation in the body and gently stimulate muscles to improve performance.  

Have insomnia or other sleep issues?  BEMER also has a sleep program to help you. 

Better Circulation.  Better Health.  Better Life.

Bowen Logo

I use Bowenwork® to help you feel better, improve motion, and reduce pain.  Bowenwork is a light touch hands-on bodywork that helps tendons, ligaments, and fascia throughout the body.  I look forward to seeing how my more than 20 years of experience can help you. 

Ready to feel better?  Let’s work together!

Happy Customers

Mollie’s Body in Balance Program is working for me! It is the first time in a long time that I have seen progress in weight loss! Just using real food and some exercise. I am excited to continue and see more results. Thank you!


Mollie really knows how to help you get results and reach your health and fitness goals. Her exercise and nutrition programs get results while still being sustainable and fun! I appreciate that she incorporates a wide variety of exercises, so I never get bored with her workouts.


I love Mollie's Matt Class! I have been taking her classes for over 10 years and it has always been exactly what my body needs. The classes are always challenging and a great stress reliever. It's a whole body workout that has greatly increased my strength and flexibility. Each class is unique and always fun! She is passionate about her teaching! You will love her!


Mollie has helped me so much in reaching my fitness goals. She keeps me motivated and helps me see where I can make modifications for my personal abilities. You will love her exercise classes!


I always feel so much better after class, and I am getting stronger, in spite of my severe lack of coordination. LOL. Mollie is great!


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