Fitness Training

Live Group Classes via Zoom

6 Per Week

6 Weekly Classes

  • Mat and Pilates style classes each Tuesday at 12 PM EST and Thursday at 8:30 AM EST
  • Cardio/Strength Training each Wednesday at 6 AM EST
  • Stretching for Everyone classes 3 times a week at 8:00 AM EST

Monday – Seated Stretching

Tuesday- Full Body Stretching

Thursday- Fascial Release 

  • Mollie presents full and modified exercises for all skill levels
  • Mollie will provide subscribers with a monthly calendar with class dates and times and Zoom Links
  • This includes all 6 classes each week
  • NEW!!!  Access to Video Library – This includes video on demand for the recordings of the live classes
  • Special 3 extra videos added weekly
  • Supported on Mobile Devices, Laptops, and Desktops

$35 per month on subscription for access to all Live Group Classes for members of your household & INCLUDES Video Library with recordings of the live classes

Mollie doing a pushup on a floor mat
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Jump Into Summer 2022

Super Summer Program

June – August 2022



June through August 2022

Each Week You Get

  • 4 Scheduled Workouts on my Exercise App
  • Each is 15 minutes long
  • Focus on the Whole Body
  • Option to join my Membership Program
  • Supported on Mobile Devices, Laptops, and Desktops

    $60 for the entire 3 month program

    Body in Balance Program

    16 Week Program

    • Workouts provided each week via my mobile app
    • Nutrition/Metabolism education
    • Nutrition guidance each week
    • Track your progress with photos, weight, and measurements
    • Food diary to introduce tracking your food to increase awareness
    • Personal 15 minute phone call each month
    • Discounted when combined with MetaPWR System by Doterra

    All of the above for $275

    Body in Balance
    Mollie exercising on floor mat

    One-on-One Training

    Customized for You and Your Goals

    • For an even more personalized workout and more, Mollie will work with you one on one or can provide you with a set of personalized prescheduled programs customized to help you meet your goals!
    • Corrective exercises to help you improve!
    • Training sessions are for either 1/2 hour or 1 hour.
    • This can include things such as extra help with nutrition, exercise form, reaching new goals, or getting over a plateau.
    • As I make new videos you will automatically get them and they will be scheduled into your calendar.
    • Supported on Mobile Devices, Laptops, and Desktops

    60 minutes for $50. Payment at session
    30 minutes for $30. Payment at session

    Jump Into Summer 2022

    Seasonal Challenges

    Next- To be determined


    Date of next challenge:

    To be determined

    Title of next challenge:  To be determined

    Here is what we did last challenge…

    • 7 Workouts- Live via Zoom and Follow Along Videos
    • 3 Habits-Not eating after 7, Mindful eating, Lemon water
    • Motivation to get into action
    • Option to join my Membership Program
    • Access to my Exercise App
    • Supported on Mobile Devices, Laptops, and Desktops

    Time to challenge your nutrition?  Add the following

    • 1 Month FREE Premium access to MyNetDiary
    • Macros 101
    • Help with getting the right Macro Percentage
    • Snacks Recipe Collection in PDF
    • Yummy Meal Recipe Collection in PDF
    • Supported on Mobile Devices, Laptops, and Desktops

    $100 for Exercise only

    $150 for Exercise and Nutrition


    Ready, Set, GO! Let’s work together!

    Video Library Access

    • Contains access to my expanding library of videos on my mobile app.
    • You decide what workouts you want to do and when you want to do them.
    • As new videos are made you will receive notice and have access to them
    • Supported on Mobile Devices, Laptops, and Desktops

    All of this for $15 per month

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    Some of my certifications

    • DEAC, NBFE – Accredited Certification
    • NCCA – Accredited Certification
    • AED Certified
    • TBMM – The BioMechanics Method – Corrective Exercise Specialist
    • TRX – TRX Suspension Training Course
    • AFAA – Personal Fitness Trainer Certification
    • NASM – Nutrition Coach
    • American Heart Association – CPR Certified

    Have you ever wondered?…
    Fitness Frequently Asked Questions

    Is a bodyweight workout effective?

    Yes! I will give you three reasons:

    1. Your body is with you wherever you go, you could not ask for a more portable gym than that!
    2. You can build strength and muscle by using different methods of training. Changing tempo, volume, or range of motion to name a few.
    3. You can get a great interval workout in by using an explosive bodyweight exercise (squat jump) and then go to a strength bodyweight exercise (air squat)
    What is Mat Work?

    This is a fancy way to say that we will be doing mostly bodyweight exercises on a mat. Sometimes equipment will be used such as bands, balls, or light weights. You can expect a lot of core work! 

    Are Interval (HIIT/Tabata/Other Types) workouts good for weight loss?

    Yes! Here are my three reasons:

    1. You get quicker results in less time!
    2. This is a great way to build your aerobic system.
    3. If you are an endurance or steady-state exerciser, this will help you be a better runner, cycler, walker. Want a new Personal Record? This is the way to do it.
    What are push-ups good for?

    This is a wonderful exercise for the body, one of my favorites. It works the shoulders, arms, and chest. But it will also affect your core and back. When you do a push up think about it being a moving plank-your core must be engaged if you want to do a proper push-up. This is a wonderful bodyweight exercise!

    What are burpees good for?

    Oh for the love of burpees!!! These are a great to do if you really want to change your body! This is really a mobility exercise. There are so many types to do that it doesn’t matter what condition you are in, there is a burpee for you. This will keep you moving for years to come!

    What is the fascia in the body?

    This is the connective tissue that keeps our body together yet separate. Think of a grapefruit-the white stuff that you see separating it into sections, is also what is holding it together as one. This is what fascia does for our muscles, tendons, nerves, etc. When your fascia is happy, your body is happy!

    What is Corrective Exercising?

    Using a thorough assessment from your feet to your head, I am able to develop a program based on your needs. The program is a three-part process; 1) Self Myofascial Release (self-massage), 2) Stretching, and 3) Strengthening.

    This process helps to improve imbalances in the body that may be contributing to your pain, lack of movement, stiffness. Once you start the program, after 1-3 weeks we get together again to reassess and see what needs to be adjusted in your program. Our goal is to get you back to doing what you love and feel good while you are doing it!

    Why is it important to release fascia?

    If the fascia is pulling or is tight, this will cause it to affect different parts of the body. Think of a bow and arrow-when the arrow is set into the bow and pulled back, the tension on the bow is felt throughout that line, when it is released, the tension is gone and it falls back into alignment. If your foot fascia (aka plantar fascia) is bothering you, you can expect to feel it up the body. Your hamstring, shoulder on that same side will most likely be tight.

    Ready, Set, GO! Let’s work together!

    Disclaimer: As with all exercise, in person or video, you need to use common sense. To reduce and avoid injury, you will want to check with your doctor before beginning any fitness program. By performing any fitness exercises, you are performing them at your own risk. Any videos are not to be distributed without written permission of Bowenwork Fitness.