Hear what my happy clients have to say.

Mollie has helped me so much in reaching my fitness goals. She keeps me motivated and helps me see where I can make modifications for my personal abilities. You will love her exercise classes!


Love having Mollie as a trainer! She’s super knowledgeable and keeps things fun with the burn. She has lots of variety in her workouts, her explanations are easy to understand & she gives options of intensity depending on your level, plus she gives goals to strive for- all of which are super motivating . I really appreciate all her hard work & personal interest in wanting the best for others. Thanks so much Mollie!


I always feel so much better after class, and I am getting stronger, in spite of my severe lack of coordination. LOL. Mollie is great!


We love your class. The classes are so well taught, every exercise is clearly explained. We love how organized and well thought out the classes are, as well as your enthusiasm. We have benefited so much from your classes, especially since we have desk jobs.


Mollie really knows how to help you get results and reach your health and fitness goals. Her exercise and nutrition programs get results while still being sustainable and fun! I appreciate that she incorporates a wide variety of exercises, so I never get bored with her workouts.


Mollie is dedicated, sincere and reliable. She is always available to customize your routine as you go thru life’s stages. Her knowledge of nutrition adds to the complete package she offers her clients.


12 Week Program, this is an awesome program, it has helped me to make life changing habits of eating and exercising. Fun and easy to follow.
Thank you so much Mollie!


I have benefitted so much from Mollie’s Pilates class! She makes the class challenging but not so much that I want to give up. My core and back have gotten so much stronger since starting her class.  She also really knows how to stretch those deep muscles that are more difficult to find. I highly recommend Mollie as an instructor and she is just a super sweet person!


I love how Mollie includes stretches and movements that help with my overall health. After a class I feel like I have had a great workout but also feel like I have greater range of motion.


The 12 week program is amazing! It’s so much more than losing weight. I feel like Mollie has given me the knowledge to know how to nourish my body to feel my best. I have so much more energy and actually really enjoy the personalized workouts. Thanks so much for the reset!


I love Mollie’s classes! She always knows exactly what my body needs. She explains proper technique in an easy to understand way and always makes you feel good about yourself.


Mollie’s Body in Balance Program is working for me! It is the first time in a long time that I have seen progress in weight loss! Just using real food and some exercise. I am excited to continue and see more results. Thank you!


Mollie’s classes are the best! She is a great instructor with a lot of experience. Super workouts and educational, too. Can’t be beat!


Mollie’s workouts are great. Very individually specific and focused. I very much enjoy and benefit from her therapeutic moves and personal attention. Thank you Mollie!


I’ve been taking Mollie’s class for several years now. Her thoughtful instruction continues to challenge me weekly to reach my fitness goals of being leaner and stronger. It motivates me to keep going.

Mrs W.

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