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For the love of food!!!

Did you know that when your digestive system is working properly, your body will have more energy? In learning how integral our digestion is, I have had to stop and look at not only what I am eating but how I am eating and then the aftereffects of what I ate.

How I eat? You might wonder why that is important. Chewing is our first spot to look at in helping ourselves. By slowing down and taking time to really chew our food we can do our bodies a world of good. It makes it so that our digestive system does not have to work so hard to break down our food. And if your body is not taking energy to digest your food, it is energy you can use to do the things you love.

This is just the beginning in finding out how to feel better with food. One more tip to having good digestion is…You guessed it! Exercise.

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Functional Nutritional Counselor Frequently Asked Questions

What is a functional nutrition counselor?

A functional nutritionist will consider a person’s current health conditions, how that affects their holistic health and how different foods will affect their overall health to create a personalized nutrition plan.

Are nutritionists worth it?

If your diet is a main contributing factor to your disease, a nutritionist may even be able to help lessen the severity. They can help you develop a healthy relationship with food. A good nutritionist will not only help you figure out what to eat, but they will also help you sustain a good relationship with your diet.

For the love of food, let’s work together!

$50 per session. Payment at session.

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