Are you looking for a healthy snack idea for your healthy lifestyle?  These also work for a tasty breakfast or even dessert!  Fresh maple syrup make these oh so yummy!  For those wondering, yes, they are gluten free.

My husband and I use these for all of the above.  We use them for snack on the go or at work.  He loves them for dessert with warm maple syrup on them.

Here is the recipe so you and your family can enjoy!

1/2 cup cottage cheese
1/2 cup rolled oats
3 eggs or 4 egg whites
Put all the ingredients in a blender to make your batter and cook on a hot skillet!
  • Add fruit to your batter, add vanilla if you want more of a sweeter flavor.
  • I also make a quadruple batch so that I have enough for the week.
  • Use ricotta cheese instead of cottage cheese
Macros: 119 calories/8g Carb/9g Protein/5g Fat
Macros with Egg Whites: 82 Calories/8g Carb/8g Protein/2g Fat